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The Motivational Power of The Word Can't

Does a "Can't Do" list hold the key to accomplishing the things we can't get done? Learn how the word "can't" increases your motivation and productivity -

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Share the Trail and Know Trail Etiquette

Do you know trail etiquette?
Hiker yields to horses
Bike yields to horses and hikers
Hiking uphill is more difficult and should be given the right of way

More on common courtesies to Mother Earth and to your fellow trail lovers:

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ankle Trauma Healing and Pain Relief Case Study - ProloGel

On Thursday, January 10th at about 11pm, I was hit with a hockey puck in my right ankle towards the end of my hockey game. I finished the game andwhen the adrenaline wore off I realized that I could not put any pressure on my right foot. After a painful, sleepless night, I went to the emergency room thinking I had broken my ankle due to the agonizing pain and my inability to put any pressure on my foot.

The x-rays showed no bone breaks, just a bad bone bruise and hematoma from the impact of the puck hitting my ankle (where there is not padding or protection). The hospital told me to ice the area, keep it elevated and stay off it for 2-3 days. I got crutches and left the hospital.

Below is a day-by-day recap of my healing process that followed after going home from the hospital. Here is what happened each day:

Day 1
Applied prologel to my clean ankle by using a hot, damp towel and then messaged in the cream for about 15 minutes. I immediately noticed how sensitive and painful it was to rub in the cream. My pain was alleviated after about 10 minutes of treating my ankle with ProloGel. I went back to icing the area and keeping the ankle elevated. I repeated this process two more times on the first day. Toward the end of the day I noticed I could put a slight bit of pressure on my foot to support some weight without too much pain. I decided to let it rest and see what tomorrow brings.

Day 2
After waking up, I noticed my ankle was looking much better, with less swelling and bruising. I usually get the worst bruising 2-3 days after an injury so I was pleased with the results. My ankle was feeling better and I tested how much weight I could put on it and it also seemed to have improved as well. After applying ProloGel, I noticed some pain relief. I continued applying ProloGel for a total of four times on the second day along with keeping it elevated for part of the day and icing my ankle after applying Prologel.

Day 3
Waking up on the start of the third day I noticed the bruising and swelling was now tough to detect. Additionally, my foot pain was much less severe. Feeling very encouraged, I showered and immediately applied Prologel to my ankle and messaged in the cream. At this point, I am able to put a little pressure on my ankle and hopped around on the third day without my crutches. About mid-day, my ankle was hurting from over-use. I applied another application of ProloGel after cleaning my ankle and got immediate relief of the pain that was starting. I went out to dinner shortly after where I was not able to keep my ankle elevated. I applied Prologel 3 times on the third day and did not have any noticable pain unles I put pressure on my ankle to walk.

Day 4
Waking up on day 4 I realized the bruising and swelling was almost gone and I am now able to walk on my ankle with about 70-80% of my body weight. I am a regular when it comes to injuries from hockey and mountain biking and I have never seen a recovery like this. I now understand after experiencing the healing power of ProloGel why it works so well. By noon on day 4, I was able to walk and put 100% weight on my ankle. ProloGel provides the area of trauma with the nutrients to accelerate the healing process. This is obvious in this case study because there was no further bruising and swelling (my body went immediatly into recovery mode). Additionally, it goes to the nerve(s) and helps relieve the nerve pain (which is the source of our pain). ProloGel gives your body the ability to heal itself quicker, without the constant pain that we typically experience throughout the healing process.


ProloGel works for pain relief and for assisting with the natural healing and for repairing our bodies are good at. Being in my 40s, I have noticed my body does not heal as quickly as it used to when I was in my 20s and 30s. ProloGel looks to be the aid I need to repair my body when I get injured (which will happen again). ProloGel attacks the nerves that cause ipain and supplies the nerve with pain relief along with giving our bodies the nutrients that are needed to heal the trauma quickly.

The inventor of ProloGel, Dr. Howard Rosen, has an empty bottle guarantee in case you still are not sure your body pains (or those of your friends and family) can be healed with this cream. Learn more at  

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow-dona Arizona

Snow blankets Sedona to ring in the New Year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas caroling in the 'hood.

Dashing through the desert...caroling Arizona style.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time to Learn Some SEO from Rand Fishkin

Trends in online marketing being shared

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A Social Media Pioneer

Robert Scoble kicking off the afternoon session at AZ Entrepreneurship Conference